PERFECT by Alanis Morissette and Glenn Ballard – bittersweetness in a diagram? Harmonic speed diagrams, video embed.

Alanis and Glenn wrote this song in ten minutes and the track on the album was the first take.

THE WATER IS WIDE – Orla Falon- declassified tempo map, video link

The scene was filmed on the the California beaches, somewhere between Catalina and Venice Beach. As you can tell I’m from the East Coast!

“Never A Time” | Genesis | unclassified tempo charts

 This was not surprising to hear on the day that the speed usually indicates: true bittersweetness. A sweet day that leaves a bitter aftertaste as time is a bastard. When we say goodbye to the ones we love on holidays no one ever knows when to say goodbye.

“You see, I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name, it feels good to be out of the rain.” UNCLASSIFIED TEMPO DIAGRAMS – video link

America’s HORSE WITH NO NAME is a song at a speed that one generally associated with victory, redemption and pure joy.  They did a twist in that speed – they play in the sublime sad haunted key of Em 9.

the zone | America |”Today’s The Day” |UNCLASSIFIED tempo map

I had liked the song and heard it before – to the point that when I went to breakfast I could feel the song more than the fear or anything else. And I was in what we all now call “THE ZONE.

“I bought a toothbrush, some some toothpaste, a flannel for my face” TEMPTED, Squeeze, Unclassified tempo map

It was the first song I heard when I arrived at my college in 1981, and indeed, leaving my little town of Harrington Park behind I felt I had made a mistake, I always loved the part of the song where Squeeze’s lead singer sings what I wanted in November 1981 when he sings the classic, “I said to my reflection, ‘let’s get out of this place!’.

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