The Beatles – unclassified speed diagram – “A Day In The Life”

matherton speed research charts  

Three Beatles Tempo Illustrations on Flight From NJ to Genoa City

On the flight back to Genoa City Wisconsin THE BEATLES were rocking the flight. Tucker was accepted as a full metrology person as his numbers were within the scientific 0.02% error range all month. He thanks Joshua Morrow aka Nicholas Newman!

Lyrics make my head hurt but a Perfect Groove Never Disappoints.

I have never changed a music purchase based with tempo itself as a motivational elemenrpt💯

Paul McCartney’s two part suite – BAND ON THE RUN – declassified tempo map, video embedded.

Why not suggest one list for this mood, one list for that mood, etc?  Because EVERYONE HAS UNIQUE TASTE!  I’d love to work with and play around with music lists with anyone.  The idea that ONE list that works for me is going to work for you? Arrogant? Is Apple or Pandora or Spotify telling you to LISTEN TO MY LIST?  Kinda feels demeaning to me.  I think, dude, I can put my own list together, thanks for trying to shove your taste down my thought.

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