“Yolanda, You Learn” | Pat Metheny Group | declassified tempo map

“Yolanda, You Learn” | Pat Metheny Group | declassified tempo map | with video link

Grey Street, James, Domino | Dave Matthews Band, Pat Metheny Group, Genesis |UNCLASSIFIED night tempo diagrams

Are these three songs best
a) at night;
b) during the day;
c) as night falls
d) depends​ on my mood?

Kanye West: Contemporary Socrates, Plato or Reagan with the Benefit of History?

When I heard this track on the day it was released, I thought to myself: there is much more to this man than just being a [colored man] from Chicago with a nice flow.

Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Bob Moses “Bright Size Life” | 169 bpm and Pat’s Secret D Major Cadence

“Pat Metheny is under-rated in my book. Dude is the real deal. I like when he works with other people, it brings out other sides to him that are great, and seldom seen. Started with Bright Size Life, my favorite song of his. What a trio with Jaco’s bass and the Dr. Robert on drums!

Pat Metheny Group – The Fields, The Sky – declassified harmonic probability charts

This album should be part of essential listening for everybody in the world,it takes you away to a different planet,ive been listening to it for over 30 years and never tire of it,only ecm could produce such a masterpiece , a must

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