Wild World – Cat Stevens “Now that I’ve lost everything to you” | declassified median probable tempo maps

I always have a hard time telling whether Yusef Islam/Cat Stevens is being optimistic or pessimistic as he sings this classic.  Any ideas?

Bill Conti – GOING THE DISTANCE – median probable tempo chart, declassified from ROCKY

Rocky won the award for Best Picture of the Year in 1976.
GOING THE DISTANCE by Bill Conti: was it the difference?

“Tell my wife I am trolling Atlantis! And I still have my hands on the wheel. Ah, yo!” – unclassified probable median tempo chart – BILLY JOEL. ‘Downeaster Alexa’

Ita me habere potui Downeaster “Alexa”
Et quo ad Oceanum est abyssi
Sunt gigantum reputata est et in canyons
Et optimus imperator non laberetur in somnum
EGO got laoreet reddere atque necessarium filios et vestimenta sua
Scio enim de illic ‘pisces: sed ubi? Dominus solus novit,
Dicunt isti quod aquae non sunt, esse solebat,
Sed surrexit populi mei super terram quis numerare

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