John Mayer | unclassified tempo maps – Human Nature, from the Michael Jackson Memorial | This Is The Time with Billy Joel

John Mayer unclassified tempo maps. Michael Jackson Funeral, “Human Nature”

JOHN MAYER – unclassified tempo maps feat Say, Stop This Train | video

Say and Stop This Train are songs written performed by John Mayer.

These tempo images represent the probable speed of the harmonic rhythm in both songs, SAY and Stop This Train.

Playboy Interview Fiasco-land: to Peter Principle stint w the GRATEFUL DEAD – Has John Mayer redeemed himself? Can Jimmy Carter run in 2020?

If half as many people remembered President Carter’s Mideast treaty as remember his fiasco PLAYBOY MAGAZINE interview, he could be POTUS again in 2020. Can John Mayer recover in a similar way?

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