“Time Of The Season,” The Youngbloods | unclassified matherton tempo map feat Joe Biden

This tempo map “Time Of The Season,” The Youngbloods, is unclassified, featuring a contemplative  Joe Biden, Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

youngbloods “time of the season matherton music-tempo-map

Good luck and good health and happiness, Joe!

The Speed of Joy, “Isn’t She Lovely?” | Stevie Wonder | unclassified tempo map, video embed


Stevie Wonder, harmonic_tempo_map
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life music-tempo-map

The Beatles | Here Comes The Sun | Declassified tempo map



The Speed of the Rickroll

The speed of the Rickroll is 113 3/10 beats per minute.

Speaking of which, someone is trying to rickroll my URL, so sometimes I have to get serious- as the chart above showing speed with the titles drawn with my finger on an iPad®, Dr Phil style.


An excellent use of the term “Backstreets” as used in American suburbs | unclassified tempo map of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band 1970s song

Jason Thompson and MIshael Morgan in The Young and the Restless

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