John Denver, “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane” | unclassified tempo maps| median expected tempo=60.6 bpm

    Not many people have come into the public eye to make a judgment on a event that killed a man so beloved that he played a friend to God, played by George Burns, as a supermarket manager. You cannot put a number on the universality of that kind of adoration.

Paul McCartney’s two part suite – BAND ON THE RUN – declassified tempo map, video embedded.

Why not suggest one list for this mood, one list for that mood, etc?  Because EVERYONE HAS UNIQUE TASTE!  I’d love to work with and play around with music lists with anyone.  The idea that ONE list that works for me is going to work for you? Arrogant? Is Apple or Pandora or Spotify telling you to LISTEN TO MY LIST?  Kinda feels demeaning to me.  I think, dude, I can put my own list together, thanks for trying to shove your taste down my thought.

Toy Soldiers, Martika, Rerecorded by EMINEM / harmonic tempo probabilty chart, video link

In the late 1980s the artist Martika had a ht with the song : Toy Soldiers.

GRAMMY®’S BEST MOMENT – Emimen and Elton John “Stan” | video link w declassified tempo probability table

The Grammy song Stan by Eminem and Elton John was an unexpected great moment in music history. The declassified modern tempo chart is downloadable.

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