Time Keeps On Slipping – The tempo map, declassifiedÔÇő – FLY LIKE AN EAGLE

Matherton Diagram of Steve Miller’s FLY LIKE AN EAGLE measured by me.

The average speed is 100 BPM, but the band gets a wide range, around 92-103 beats per minute.

“The Steve Miller Band passed me┬áby, but I heard great things about those guys,” noted the Rock

JOHN MAYER – unclassified tempo maps feat Say, Stop This Train | video

Say and Stop This Train are songs written performed by John Mayer.

These tempo images represent the probable speed of the harmonic rhythm in both songs, SAY and Stop This Train.

THE WATER IS WIDE – Orla Falon- declassified tempo map, video link

The scene was filmed on the the California beaches, somewhere between Catalina and Venice Beach. As you can tell I’m from the East Coast!

INDIGO GIRLS UNCLASSIFIED TEMPO CHART – “I Call On The Resting Soul, Of Galileo, King of Night Vision, King Of Insight”

IN the late 20th century the band called the Indigo Girls wrote a brilliantly fun song about the most horribly brutal situation: Galileo, who’s “head was on the block/His crime?/Was giving up the truth.”

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