John Denver, “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane” | unclassified tempo maps| median expected tempo=60.6 bpm

    Not many people have come into the public eye to make a judgment on a event that killed a man so beloved that he played a friend to God, played by George Burns, as a supermarket manager. You cannot put a number on the universality of that kind of adoration.

About A Girl / Nirvana / declassified tempo map

When Nirvana plays this song on MTV’s UNPLUGGED, Kurt Cobain says in plain language – “[This is a song of ours], most people don’t own it.” Ownership and music and the downfall of the creatives hears an argument here.  

A song of maudlin melancholy that every forgets was on the most popular album in American History – Randy Meisner’s TRY AND LOVE AGAIN, eagle, ‘hotel California’_unclassified tempo map

To me this song has a feeling of deep bittersweetness – an America hiraeth. What do you think the Eagles are trying to express?

“People Get Ready”-_The _Impressions-unclassified-speed-diagram

  In the world of families, companies, businesses and power, there is nothing so sweet as a Sunday where “…You don’t need no ticket, you just thank the Lord…”  

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