Genesis Final Tour, 2007 – “Ripples” | Berlin Germany – unclassified simple speed diagram, video link

The How Fast Was That And Why Should I Care Series – Kate Bush, “Wuthering Heights” | matherton diagram | median expected probable tempo=940.4 msecs

which shoes fit exactly. Which eyeglasses correct perfectly? That is a personal question for *you*.

“You see, I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name, it feels good to be out of the rain.” UNCLASSIFIED TEMPO DIAGRAMS – video link

America’s HORSE WITH NO NAME is a song at a speed that one generally associated with victory, redemption and pure joy. Β They did a twist in that speed – they play in the sublime sad haunted key of Em 9.

the zone | America |”Today’s The Day” |UNCLASSIFIED tempo map

I had liked the song and heard it before – to the point that when I went to breakfast I could feel the song more than the fear or anything else. And I was in what we all now call “THE ZONE.

INDIGO GIRLS UNCLASSIFIED TEMPO CHART – “I Call On The Resting Soul, Of Galileo, King of Night Vision, King Of Insight”

IN the late 20th century the band called the Indigo Girls wrote a brilliantly fun song about the most horribly brutal situation: Galileo, who’s “head was on the block/His crime?/Was giving up the truth.”

JOHHNY CASH, Grit and a woman named Taylor – I WALK THE LINE, unclassified median speed diagrams

Taylor Swift was 22 when she recorded the song 22.

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