Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Bob Moses “Bright Size Life” | 169 bpm and Pat’s Secret D Major Cadence

Pat Metheny

According to Jim “James” DeLuva (code name for the producer too popular to name drop),

“Pat Metheny is under-rated in my book. Dude is the real deal. I like when he works with other people, it brings out other sides to him that are great, and seldom seen. Started with Bright Size Life, my favorite song of his.
What a trio with Jaco’s bass and the Dr. Robert on drums!”


Pat Metheny Bright Size Life

“The secret of Pat’s cadence in hitting the major second hard, slide up to a major third and land with perfect grace at the tonic, here e natural is hit hard, the f# major 3rd is cleaning played and slid down to a perfect melodic phrase ending on the d.

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