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The song Today’s The Day is my secret song in regard to the entire reason I discovered what I did.

The summer this song was popular, I was at a summer “sleep away” camp, and unlike when I was 9 years old and had gone to a sleep-away camp where 4 of my cousins were also going, two of them familiar with the ropes.

When I was ten I spent the summer at a summer camp in Connecticut in an atmosphere with which I was unfamiliar. Most other campers were from New England private schools, where I am from, like my wife and my parents , from New Jersey public school.

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The camp and being homesick made me uncomfortable more than I ever would have admitted at a *tough* ten year old (!) would ever admit. The truth was I was uncomfortable meeting a couple of hundred new kids, no one close to me.

One day my fear ended. It happened because this song was playing on my clock radio alarm as I woke up. I had liked the song and heard it before – to the point that when I went to breakfast I could feel the song more than the fear or anything else. And I was in what we all now call “THE ZONE.” The day was perfect, I never hesitated, I tried to get nervous and I couldn’t, I just couldn’t miss. I remember telling myself: but for the song in morning, the whole summer would have been different. If I get older and no one has figured out how to use the power of matching an individual’s “zone” with a song that fit in that zone, I would need to try to do something myself.


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