The Traveling Wilburys declassified harmonic speed diagrams – What Does Deluva Got To Do With Them?| Official Video

Traveling Wilburys’ Handle With Care, speed illustrations by Matherton, BFJ and Dr. Stone.

As Jim Deluva has said – most notably at The Edge’s 35 birthday concert – “When these guys are Roy Orbison’s age, they’ll realize how young they are *now*.” Now that Jim has dropped 20 pounds and still not finished the album he came here to complete in “secrecy”, he’s taken to the Jersey Shore lifestyle. He’d make me take that sentence out bc he’s kinda closer to the age Roy was when this song was played. Knowing James, he’d say, “rub it in man, what are you saying, I can’t finish this album bc of my perfectionism and my past success?” To this, I’d get a rhetorical speech that would just bring *me*  unable to help him work. There is no better engineer, no better producer, even, than James Deluva when he is optimistic.

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