“We Don’t Need No Thought Control” – Another Brick In The Wall, the Best Music to Movie Move Ever

Johnny Cash I Walk The Line

The Wall by Pink Floyd took U.K. music to the end of the earth and beyond culture by absolute storm in the late 1970s.


“In Roger Waters’ most famous song, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, the teenagers of that time found a voice in: realizing we had no voice,” opined [personal]. In the suffering of Bob Geldoff, who played the protagonist in the film, we feel the helpless of being born into a world where culture has already driven society so mad you are literally born onto a car racing off a cliff. No one captured that better than Floyd” said Jim Jobim, former roadie for the band.  “What blew me away were the stars in sunglasses with back stage passes back then – people like Dan Rather, regular, if you can call them that, famous people who we let in on the basis of their fame. The Don’t say a word rule is still on effect. Of course Dan Rather never saw Pink Floyd – to my knowledge. Just saying, that kind of unexpected celebrity wanting to know what this new Wall was about.

“our Generation was called X because we stood for nothing at all because as the Floyd video shows, we were cogs in a machine. Never has anything been as artistically relevant, video-music wise, as Pink Floyd’s Brick. Not their *best* song, but their most powerful, the one they are known for more than any.”

Johnny Cash said it best, “If people knew I was listening to this Pink Floyd, well, they’d figure it was a publicity stunt. So I kept it to myself. Thing is where they and I are the same is standing up for what is morally right, and if it’s part of the system, great, if not, all I’m saying is, maybe we should look at a different way to do this.”


Published by matherton horowitz